Types of printer

A printer has become a necessity in our everyday lives. Nowadays, the work is done in a computer printer plays a very important role in converting the soft copy files into hard copy files. A printer is absolutely necessary for all offices now and it comes in handy when you have one at your home.

Here we have made a guide of all the advantages and disadvantages that all users need to keep in mind before they come up with the decision of what kind of printer they want to buy for themselves.

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Types of printer

Office Printers

When we talk about office printers some of the types of printers that come to our mind are

  • Laser printer
  • Solid ink printer
  • LED printer
  • Business inkjet printer.

Today we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of all the printers.

Laser Printer

This is a printer which was first developed in the year 1960 by Xerox. The concept of the printer is very much simple. The laser is responsible for drawing images in the copier drum. This kind of printers is still very much popular in different offices.


  • Laser printers are very much cost effective in nature as compared to an Inkjet printer
  • Laser printer increases the productivity of work
  • The printing speed is also very much fast with this printer
  • The paper capacity of this printer is generally high
  • This printer has an option of expandable paper trays
  • This printer is known to grow along with your business growth


  • This printer generally takes a bit of time to start printing
  • The size of this printer is cooperatively big
  • The electricity consumed is also high in the case of this printer

Solid Ink Printer

This printer is known to utilize a very different ink technology, which helps in saving a lot of money as well as space. This printer generally melts the solid ink during printing, which gives a very vibrant colour tone.


  • This printer is generally environment-friendly
  • The colour tones produced by the printer are very much vibrant
  • It is made from different vegetable oil, which is non-toxic in nature
  • The design of this printer is also very much compact
  • This printer does not take up huge space


  • This printer is known for taking a warm-up time and also a cool down time
  • In this printer, printouts cannot be laminated

LED Printers

This printer is also very much similar to a Laser printer, but it works on a technology called the Light Emitting Diode. Very few parts of this printer move to make it much more efficient than the Laser printer.


  • This printer is very much efficient and reliable in nature
  • The manufacturing cost of this printer is far lower than the manufacturing cost of a laser printer
  • This printer generally comes with a free warranty extension


  • There is no such disadvantage in using this printer for work

Business Inkjet Printers

This printer generally uses inkjet technology and it is always a very good option for professional use. This is the printer which was first developed in the year 1950. These printers are still very much popular because of all its advantages.


  • This printer is capable of making photo-realistic prints
  • This printer does not take any warm-up time
  • This printer is generally small in nature


  • The running cost of this printer is higher
  • The speed of printing is also very much slow
  • This printer comes with a lot of errors
  • It is very much prone to clogging
  • Wet prints are a big problem with this kind of printers

Home Office Printers

Some of the popular home office printers available in the market now are:

  • Inkjet
  • Low-cost Inkjet Printers
  • Multifunction
  • All in one Inkjet
  • Dot Matrix
  • A3
  • 3D


This is one of the most common printers for home office use. Inkjet technology has been there for quite a long period of time.


  • These printers produce photo-realistic prints
  • They do not need any time for the warm-up
  • It takes a very small space


  • The running cost of this printer is a bit high
  • The speed of the printer is a bit slow
  • They at times show an empty cartridge warning
  • They are prone to clogging
  • Sometimes the printer produces wet prints

Low-cost Inkjet Printers

This printer is known for high-quality prints and a low cost per page expense. These printers are just perfect for the domestic work budget.


  • The cost per page with this printer is very low
  • The warm-up time is also very quick
  • The prints are very fine and realistic with this printer


  • At times the printouts are wet

There are different printers available in the market for home offices use. Users need to understand their need and then decide what kind of printer they should buy for their home or their office.

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