How to print a test page in Windows 7

Have you just brought a printer for yourself and installed all its cords and drivers? If you have successfully completed all the step, then the next thing you need to do is simply print out a test page so that you are able to figure out that everything has been successfully done. If you are using a Windows 7 operating system, then printing out the test page is a bit different. The main focus of the test function is to make a direct command from all the drivers. The communication problem is an actual issue on this operating system. 

How to print a Test Page in Windows 7 operating system?

  • The first thing that you need to do is simply go to the start menu then go to control Pane and then¬†Devices and Printers
Devices and Printers
Devices and Printers
  • Then in the Printer and Fax option simply right click on the button and then select the option Printer properties.
Printer properties
Printer properties
  • In the Printer Properties, users need to find the option of Print Test Page. This option will be available in the General tab.
  • After this step simply click on the test page option in the dialogue box.

dialogue box

Setting a printer is very much easy if you are using Windows 7. The first thing that users should do after setting up the printer makes sure that everything is plugged in properly and then install all the drivers. If users want to use the test page option all they need to do is simply follow the steps that are listed above and you will be good to go. Users are recommended to follow the steps carefully so that users are able to use the printer to print all their important documents. Make sure to read this article carefully before printing a test page.

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